Welding Gear

During the Shielded Metal Arc Welding class, one of the biggest issues stressed by the instructor was safety. Wearing the proper attire while welding is a crucial safety factor especially if one is looking to pursue a career in welding and metal fabrication.

Usually, most instructors will recommend that you at least have steel toed boots on while welding. Tennis shoes or open toed shoes are completely out of the question as far as footwear in the welding shop. It is good practice to always wear earplugs especially if you are arc welding because of the intense sparking and slag flying everywhere it is better not to take any chances and risk spark or slag from going into the ear.

If your just starting out in welding and are going to a trade school, your instructor may tell you the best places to buy the essential tools you will need for class. Most places that specialize in tools and warehousing equipment may carry specific equipment that you will need for class but its a good idea to find a company that deals primarily with welding supplies only.

Welding Shield

One of the first pieces of equipment that you will need to invest in is a fully functional welding shield. Below are several popular shields that are available.

Choosing a proper welding shield is incredibly important if you care at all about your eyesight. The extremely bright light that is given off from the arc can severely cause damage to your eyes as well as cause flash burn in some cases. Most of the conventional welding shields that are on the market will offer optimum protection from these dangerous rays of light and furthermore, most helmets are approved certain codes such as ANSI.

Sometimes whenever you are welding, spatter and sparks will be flying around in every possible direction, especially if you perform a lot of overhead style welding. In this position of welding, fire and sparks will probably be raining down due to the angle of weld on the base metal. So with respect to choosing a proper welding shield issues such as this are import to keep in mind.


One of the most effective helmets used by a wide variety of welders in the industry and at home these days is the auto darketing shield. This particular piece of equipment is truly one of the biggest technological breakthroughs as well as being renowned for its convience and ease of use for many welders out in the field.

Neiko Solar-Powered Auto Darkening MIG/TIG Welding Helmet, ANSI Approved

Average Rating: 466stars

Auto darkening welding helmet that is perfect for those who are starting out learning to weld or even the seasoned welding veteran. Welding shield has a centralized lithium battery with solar cell that allows for recharging capability.
For those on a tight budget and want to invest in a decent auto darkening shield, the Neiko Solar Powered shield may be what your looking for.

  • Ability to switch between shades 9-13.
  • Adjustable headband for optimum comfort.
  • Lithium Battery power source.

  • One of the more cheaper priced auto-darkening shields.

Neiko Auto Darkening Solar Powered Welding Helmet - ANSI Approved

Average Rating:

Another one of the more popular auto darkening welding shields put out by Neiko that offers the best protection while welding. The helmet is part of the AH-88 and uses solar polar device for darkening ability.

User Benefits From:
  • Light weight helmet for increased comfort.
  • Wider window area allows for better vision to make work easier to see.
  • Autodarkening feature allows quick reaction time as well as returning back to normal once welding has stopped.


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